Kerala is called God’s own country for a reason, this state of India offers scintillating backwaters, mesmerizing waterfalls, lovers spot, and rejuvenating hill tops. Kerala has something to offer to everyone who visits this place. For all our trekking lovers, let’s take a closer look to some of the Kerala nature trails.


The famous and highest peak of South India, the Anamudi Hills is situated in Munnar. The peak is ideal for trekking because of its natural terrain. You’ll be needing permission from the forest department to do a trek to the top. A famous and rare flower which blooms once in every 12 years can be found in Munnar.

Agastyarkoodam Peak:

This peak is the second highest in Kerala which is located in Thiruvananthapuram. This peak is inhabited by local tribes who detest women, only male trekkers are allowed to explore the famous Agastyarkoodam Peak. For this trek also you need prior permission from the forest department.

Chembra Peak:

This Kerala nature trail is visible from all the parts of Wayanad. The Chembra Peak is festooned by sparkling waterfalls. The forest department provides all the necessary equipment to all the enthusiastic trekkers. This 3 hour trek is quite risky and one should go at their own discretion.

Pythal Mala:

Pythal Mala is situated in Kannur which is seasoned with different types of flora of fauna, blanketed by deep forest perfect for trekkers who are looking for some adventures. This 6km trek to the top is not easy but the effort made is totally worth it.

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