Kerala is considered to be the dream destination for many people around the world. There are not only things to see but you can do many things as well. With an abundance of cultural diversity, natural beauty and architecture, Kerala is a state which needs to be explored. Here is a list of things that you must include when you book travel packages Kerala.

Stay in a Houseboat

Staying on a houseboat is the best thing one can do in Kerala. Don’t forget to spend a quality time living on backwaters of Alleppey and enjoy its scenic beauty as you row your way into the forest of Kerala.

Watch Snake Boat Races

Snake boat races are one of the most exciting things to watch in Kerala. These boat races are held in the month of July to September during Onam festival. If you plan to travel Kerala during monsoon season then, you can customize your Book travel packages Kerala so that you can enjoy these boat races to the fullest.

A night stay in tree houses

If you are visiting Kerala, you cannot miss this. You have to stay in tree houses and enjoy the lush green environment around yourself. Live closely with nature and enjoy it’s beauty to your heart’s content.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is another famous activity that you can do during your visit to Kerala. You can find some of the migratory birds like Siberian Crane, heron, and waterfowl in the bird sanctuaries. November to February is the best time for Bird watching.

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